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Our company, RPM Powder Coating, strives to get the job done right for you. Being previous business owners, we know the importance of customer satisfaction, which makes you our number one priority. Many metal objects can be powder coated, such as automotive, motorcycle, bicycle, patio furniture, industrial, decorative parts and much more.

Powder coating is a procedure where you clean the item, sand blast it to give it a profile for adhesion, and then apply a chemical pre-treatment for protection. Once the color has been chosen, the powder is then applied to the metal.

About RPM Powder Coating
The part is then put in a cure oven for a certain amount of time at a specified temperature. There the powder flows into a liquid form and is cured into a hard protective coating. As soon as the part cools it is then ready to be put in use. We can change the color or texture of anything metal.

Powder coating is environmentally friendly and much more durable than paint. It is resistant to chipping, fading and scratching. Powder coated parts will have that “new look” for many years. Our oven measures 7’ W x 8’ H x 12’ L, so we can accommodate larger items.
The new 7' W x8' H x12' L oven at RPM Powder Coating accommodates larger items.
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