Powder coating is a procedure where you clean the item, sand blast it to give it a profile for adhesion, and then apply a chemical pre-treatment for protection. Once the color is chosen, the powder is then applied to the metal. The part is then put in a cure oven for a certain amount of time at a specified temperture. There the powder flows into a liquid form and is cured into a hard protective coating. As soon as the part cools it is ready to be put in use.
Powder coating is environmentally friendly and more durable than liquid paint. It is resistant to chipping, scratching, and fading. Powder coating has been around for many years, therefore many more people are going this route because of the durability of this procedure.
Powder coating items can last many years depending on how well you take care of them.
Almost all items that are powder coated are put into a 400 degree oven to cure items, such as, car parts , stovetops, ect., items or parts that will be exposed to intense heat.
Every job is different; for example, if you bring in an item that is stripped and clean then the price will be less than if you were to bring it to us covered in rust, grease or layers of paint on it.
Any item that is made of metal, such as, steel, aluminum, titanium, bronze, copper, etc. We cannot powder coat magnesium.
There are over 6,000 colors and many textures in powder coating. Powder coating offers candy, metallic, high, medium, and low gloss as well as textured. With powder coating we can achieve the color and/or texture you want.
Depending on how the item is brought to us can depend on how long it will take. Each piece will be sand blasted, stripped or chemically treated. It will also depend if you want us to mask it or apply many coats to the piece.
Powder coating is resistant to chipping, scratching, and fading. Powder coating finishes last much longer and is more durable than liquid paint. Powder coating is electro static, therefore, it wraps around the piece you are powder coatiing and covers edge to edge with no possibility of runs or drips.
Powder coating will not hide or remove the imperfections on your item. Your part must be dent and scratch free to have a smooth and clean finish.
Our oven measures 7’w x 8’h x 12’l, so we can accommodate much larger items.
If you are uncertained about which color you want to go with, we can provide a few samples for you to help you with your decision.
The advantages of having an item clear coated is that it gives it a second layer of protection. You should use a clear coat on anything that is exposed to elements that could make your part fade.
Clear coat is only needed with certain colors, such as silver metallics. Most powders do not require a clear coat.
To have a clear coat added is typically 50% more of what the job was originally quoted.
Most rust can be removed from sand blasting, but depending on how bad the rust is, the final finish might not be as smooth due to pitting.
We have teniques of using silicone plugs and high heat tape to protect any threaded area.
You can save money if you bring your part/parts in already stripped and clean. That saves us time in prepping your part.
We accept cash and all major credit cards, visa, discover, master card, american express, debit, etc. No personal checks please. If we have to ship your item to you, we would like payment in advance.
We are located at 4704 Trabue Road Near Hilliard, Ohio Close To I-70 And 270.


Thank you for your interest in RPM Powder Coating. Should you have a question about powder coating or would like a quote, please contact us at the number below or by using the email contact form to the right. We will respond promptly.


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What our customers say

Patrick Petit
Patrick Petit
My wife and I had several pieces that needed to be sand blasted and powder coated but hadn’t come across the right team to work with until we found RPM Powder Coating on Yelp. From the first time I called to ask about their business, I knew this was a professional and friendly company and that our needs could be met. I shared with the owner, Jamie about a few pieces I wanted to bring in which included an cast-iron urn and base along with a few antique light switch plates. The urn and base needed to be blasted and powder coated, and the switch plates only needed to be blasted taking them down to bare metal. Jamie said these are among the types of work his crew handles all the time and we arranged to bring them in. We were warmly greeted by a member of the team upon walking through the front door which quickly confirmed what I felt over the phone…trust. Jamie’s staff provided amazing service from start to finish. We described what we wanted and Jamie recommended a specific type of powder coat finish on our urn/base that would hold up well over the years in a high-UV area in front of our home. While dropping our pieces off, he showed us some of the other jobs in progress and we were certainly impressed. Jamie’s crew who offloaded our pieces from my car and performed the work did an amazing job, and when we came back to pick everything up, it was very apparent that they held a high regard for detail because everything was perfect! Jamie, we not only want to thank you for the outstanding work by you and your team, but also for the personal and professional service we received from everyone we met! We’re extremely satisfied and have several other pieces to bring back in the spring as we discussed. Sincerely, Patrick and Andrea
Albert Papikyants
Albert Papikyants
Very pleased with the quality and customer service of these guys. I got my frame back a lot earlier than expected and the price was unbeatable. These guys are the one stop shop for power coating. I’ll be back for sure!
Eddie Serrano
Eddie Serrano
Great service paint
Sidney White
Sidney White
Got wheels coated excellent job!
Bryan M
Bryan M
Friendly guys, quality work, reasonable pricing, under-promised/over-delivered. Highly recommend.
Jim Jarrett
Jim Jarrett
What a great experience, working with Jamie and the rest of the crew. We had a garden bench that's at least 50 years old - and probably older - and a couple of garden chairs as well that are also vintage. I had done a couple of refinishes before, with just a wire brush and rustoleum paint. We really wanted to rejuvenate them, so I got in touch with RPM. They were really helpful in making the choices of colors and finish, as well as keeping the budget reasonable. The results are stunning. We're incredibly happy and recommend RPM to anyone.
Keri Tanner
Keri Tanner
Rpm did my rims for my chrysler 300s they turned out better then I expected! I would highly recommend them!!!
Marek Horcic
Marek Horcic
Nice people great work.
Rod Mayhill
Rod Mayhill
Jamie and his team were amazing to work with. My wife and I had some old cast iron furniture (over 50 years old) that we use on our screened porch that had countless layers of paint on it. I thought during the off season we would have the paint removed and new paint and clear coat applied. I inquired on there website if they would be able to help us. Jamie, the owner, quickly responded and said yes and to send him photos of the two chairs and the end table. I sent Jamie photos of the items over the weekend and he responded quickly with a price quote. I then dropped the items off the following week and in less that 2 weeks they were done. I picked them up today and they look amazing. I have no idea what they looked like new over 50 years ago since we were not the original buyers but I can confidently say I bet they look better than they did brand new! If you know old cast iron furniture, it is accented in leaves and flowers. We can now see the veins on the leaves and details of the petals on the flowers. The price was more than fair. The workmanship was amazing. The professionalism was impeccable. I realize that this is a “5” star review and if I could give a “10”...I would. This is a great small business to support. There is no need to look elsewhere. I would recommend them to anyone. You will not be disappointed.
Tyler Austin
Tyler Austin
If you're looking for a good place that does great work with Powder Coating, this is the place to go! I had a set of wheels done here about a month or two ago and they turned out great! They got the color I wanted and kept me informed with the whole process.


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